Why your relationship status is important to the Canadian Revenue Agency

Your relationship status can affect your eligibility for tax benefits and credits. Collaborative family law lawyer and mediator, Karen Redmond covers the topic in her guest post  “Why CRA needs to know your ‘relationship status’,” recently published on JP Boyd BC Family Law Resource blog. If you are dealing with a recent separation or divorce, […]

Deciphering the Family Law Process: The Litigation Option

At Watson Goepel LLP we offer ‘all things Family Law’, from traditional Litigation to Mediation, Arbitration, or Collaborative Law, as well as Adoption services and legal advice for both pre and post marriage agreements. This blog post, however, is meant for those who are involved in (or are contemplating) a litigation based process. Finding your […]

Child Support: My Ex-Spouse has a New Rich Partner

Allen and Beth were in a committed marriage for five years. During that time they decided to start a family and baby Caroline was born. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out between Allen and Beth. Although they were on good terms, they decided to get divorced. Despite the divorce, both remain committed to giving […]