Parenting Coordination

This innovative service to British Columbia families has evolved here over the last five years. Parents who have separated and either agreed upon, or had a court order, a parenting plan, can retain professionals (experienced and specially trained family lawyers and mental health professionals) to manage the implementation of the parenting plan where the parents or the court feel assistance for a transitional period or longer, would be of benefit to parents and their children. The work is subject to a written agreement amongst the parents and the parenting coordinator which agreement sets forth the powers of the parenting coordinator which generally include the making of binding determinations on issues relating to the care of the children. Parenting coordination offers timely solutions to often frustrating conflicts over issues like extracurricular activities, health care, and foreign travel. While not necessarily inexpensive for high conflict families, the parenting coordination option is almost always less expensive than litigating through the courts with the assistance of lawyers. Parenting coordination also offers the bonus of having someone making decisions about your children’s needs who has become familiar with them over time.