Divorce + Separation

Separation Agreements

We appreciate that a relationship breakdown can be extremely stressful for all concerned and we will try and assist clients in a sensitive and practical way to resolve the outstanding issues by way of a Separation Agreement where possible. A Separation Agreement is a contract which records a settlement of the issues at the time a relationship ends or subsequently. Where the parties are able to negotiate a settlement and the relationship is such that the parties are able to communicate then Separation Agreements can be an effective and inexpensive way to achieve a settlement. Separation Agreements can deal with issues surrounding children such as Custody, Guardianship, Access, and Child Support. An agreement can also deal with issues of Spousal Support and Division of Family Assets.

At Watson Goepel all members of the Family Law Group have extensive knowledge and experience in preparing Separation Agreements. We readily work with clients to tailor these agreements to their specific needs.