Collaborative Law

One of the fundamental goals of the collaborative law process is to remove the adversarial component inherent in many divorce cases and replace it with elements of mutual respect and team problem solving. As part of the collaborative process the separating couple and their lawyers sign a ‘participation agreement’, committing to each other that they will work together at resolving their issues without court involvement. While each of the people work with their individual lawyers, a team approach is taken, which often includes the assistance of mental health professionals, a child specialist and/or a financial consultant. The collaborative divorce model was created to help develop an atmosphere of open communication, cooperation between separating people and mutual participation in shaping an agreement that best meets their needs, as well as the needs of their children. If the collaborative process sounds enticing to you, please contact our Certified Collaborative Professional, Jonathan Lazar, Fiona Beveridge or Craig Neville, of our Family Law Group.