Our Team


Craig Neville

My focus as counsel has always been on problem solving for our clients. This is not a radical concept but often gets lost in the emotional drama that is the practice of family law. In each of my roles as litigator, mediator, or Parenting Coordinator, my goal is finding principled solutions which address not only the immediate emotional or financial concerns of clients but also their longer term financial and emotional stability. | View Bio


Fiona Beveridge

My approach is to work together with clients to provide personalized information and options as early as possible in the legal process. My goal is always to reduce the level of stress for my clients by addressing both personal and legal conflict in a practical, collaborative, and cost effective way. In the event that settlement is not possible, I possess the courtroom skills necessary to move litigation forward efficiently toward a final resolution. | View Bio


Jonathan Lazar

I help people going through some of the most difficult times of their lives. My practice is focused on advancing client interests and expectations, while keeping cost, conflict and emotional stress low. I emphasize the use of out-of-court and innovative settlement procedures, as either advocate or as mediator. | View Bio


Laurence Klass

I bring energy and enthusiasm in trying to resolve clients’ family law issues in a cost effective and timely manner. I try to think outside the box to resolve matters outside of litigation, but not being afraid to litigate where necessary. I am proud to work as part of a team with my family law colleagues. | View Bio


Gagan Mann

My practice is focused primarily on family law. I work collaboratively with all members of the Watson Goepel family law group on areas including marriage and cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, divorce, property division, custody and access, and child and spousal support.

I work to advance my clients’ goals and resolve their disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. While I value a non-adversarial and cooperative approach to my practice, I am committed to advocating for my clients’ interests with a negotiated settlement or in court when necessary. | View Bio


Shelagh M. Kinney

Shelagh Kinney joined the Family Law Group at Watson Goepel LLP as Associate Counsel on July 4, 2016. Shelagh is an experienced family lawyer. In addition, to litigation advice and representation in family law matters, Shelagh also offers mediation and arbitration expertise to her clients. | View Bio