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Deciphering the Family Law Process: The Litigation Option

At Watson Goepel LLP we offer ‘all things Family Law’, from traditional Litigation to Mediation, Arbitration, or Collaborative Law, as well as Adoption services and legal advice for both pre and post marriage agreements. This blog post, however, is meant for those who are involved in (or are contemplating) a litigation based process. Finding your […]

Posted on June 17, 2016

CTV: US Woman Fighting Child Support for Adopted Russian Boy She Sent Back

A recent CTV-Mobile headline caught my eye: “US woman fighting child support for adopted Russian boy she sent back.” I wondered what this story was about. It turns out, according to the article, that Torry Hansen, who now lives in California, filed an appeal after a judge in Tennessee ordered her to pay $150,000. Our […]

Posted on March 2, 2013